Sutton's Crossing Staging

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At Sutton's Crossing we believe when selling your home there are two key elements necessary to ensure that you get top dollar in the shortest amount of time. Everyone knows that having your home priced appropriately by a knowledgeable Real Estate Professional is important. However, a powerful, yet often overlooked sales tool is Professional Staging. What is staging? It is about creating a 'model home' feel exactly like the models you have seen in successful new home communities. Having a Staged home can often be the difference between a sale and being passed over.

So, take the time to go through a model home or two, then go back home and walk through your home, room by room... What do you see? Look at your home through the eyes of a buyer... see the difference? At Sutton's Crossing, we can help you create 'The Model Difference'!™

Would you like to get the best price for your home? Would you like to shorten the time on the market? Using the highlights of your home as a guide, Sutton's Crossing transforms your rooms into the beautiful and inviting spaces that appeal to most potential buyers. Remember that rooms do not have to be large to appear spacious and it is the quality of the space that counts and not the quantity. Your largest investment is usually your home. The Sutton's Crossing Staging service helps you create the best first impression for a potential buyer.

The benefit of working with an Accredited Staging Professional ASP® 2005, Certified Staging Agent (CSA®) 2018, is that we use your existing furniture and accessories as much as possible before considering expensive rentals. This will save you money and better appeal to the demographics for your area.